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High School Counselors

Wendy Batek (A - Fe)
Sara Nelson (Ff - Le)
Erika Vasquez (Lf - Ri)
Sherry Johnson (Rj - Z)
Larissa Duke, College & Career Counselor


How To Request A Transcript
All transcript request’s or education verification forms for employment may be requested through our District Guidance Office. 

You may request “official” transcripts to be sent to colleges or universities by completing a Transcript Release Form which is available in the counseling/registrar office or online. An official transcript is one that is sent directly from the high school, stamped “official”, and sealed. Transcripts cost $2 and requests will not be honored until payment is made.

If you are requesting a transcript for scholarship purposes, check the criteria to see if the scholarship committee requires an “official” transcript. You might want to order one transcript and make copies yourself if you are applying for several scholarships which do not require official copies.

Students who wish to authorize the registrar to release their academic records to various organizations (universities, recruiters, etc.) need to complete a student Transcript Release Form. Transcripts may be ordered in person, via mail, or fax. We do not accept phone requests for transcripts or education verifications.

All Transcript Release Forms must include a photo copy of a government/state issued ID card or drivers license and payment. Any Transcript Release Forms that are missing required information, documents, or payment will be void after 30 days. NO REFUNDS are given for Transcript Release Form requests with missing documents or information.

Transcript requests are processed within 1-2 business days; however, in case of holidays, or other times that may have a large volume of requests, the requests will be processed within 2-3 business days, in the order the requests are received.

If transcripts are requested via letter, the authorized person must include:

* Date of request
* Full name under which student was enrolled
* Student current name and address
* Student’s former name if different from above
* Student’s signature and phone number or e-mail address
* Your date of birth
* Dates of attendance
* The full name and address of authorized recipient
* The number of transcripts requested
* Payment of $1.00 for each official transcript

Official Valid Request Form is good for one calendar year. If multiple recipients are to be needed i.e. universities or employers you may download additional Recipient Forms

Did you know that any hard of hearing students and/or deaf students can go to any Public Texas College tuition free. There is a waiver provided by the State of Texas that allows the child to do so. For more information visit or contact Robin Alaniz, Hard of Hearing Resource Specialist, at 361-993-1154.

You may contact the counselors' office at 242-5636.

School districts are required to notify the parent(s) and/or guardian(s) of all students in grades 9 -- 12 of the availability of programs under which they may earn college credit, including Advanced Placement programs, International accalaureateprograms, dual credit programs, and joint high school and college credit programs.