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Mrs.  Angelica  Castro
Spanish Teacher
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Spanish 2 Syllabus 2017-18  


Spanish 2 Syllabus 2017-18


Teacher: Mrs. Castro                                                       Phone: 361-242-5626 ext. 7308

Email:                                              Conference: 3rd period

Tutoring time:   After School ONLY 4:05 p.m.-4:30 p.m. (Monday-Thursday)

**It is the responsibility of the student to ask for tutorial help and get an appointment with the teacher.


I am looking forward to a successful and exciting school year with my students. My goal is to give students a foundation for exploring and understanding Spanish-speaking cultures and peoples. I hope that my students will become aware of how Spanish is used every day in the real world. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns throughout the school year.        


Goals– By the end of this course, you should:

1. Listening: Understand simple to moderate Spanish words and phrases as spoken in context.

2. Speaking: Produce simple conversations, words, phrases, and sentences and be able to present basic oral and written information in Spanish.

3. Reading: Read simple to moderate passages, follow story and character development, and identify main ideas.

4. Writing: Identify grammatical similarities and differences between English and Spanish. Produce simple to moderate sentences using learned grammar concepts and vocabulary.

5. Culture: Identify products of the Spanish culture such as food, clothing, religion, celebrations, etch. Understand the geography and history of Spanish-speaking countries.

6. Apply language and cultural skills and knowledge outside of the classroom.




Classroom Rules & Expectations:

  1. Be on time and in your seat before the bell rings (**Tardy after the bell rings)
  2. Respect the teacher, the classroom, other students, and yourself.
  3. Be prepared, and on task to learn
  4. Technology will be used in accordance to district policy
  5. Follow all district and school policies


Consequences for breaking the rules:

1.     Verbal Warning Documented

2.    Parent Contact Documented

3.    Office Referral Documented


Required MaterialsAll classes will need:

*1-1.5 inch binder (ONLY)                          * 5 Dividers

 - Binder will be kept in class                                               * Pencils

*Notebook paper                                     * Black/blue pens


Daily Work-Students will be required to finish daily assignments in class.  If the assignment is not completed at the end of the period, the student will have an opportunity to take it home and complete it for homework.

Make-up Work – It is the student’s responsibility to get and complete any make-up work after an absence. (Assignments will be placed in a designated area in the classroom.) Any make-up work not submitted on the scheduled date will result in a grade of zero.

Late Work- Any assignments (daily/projects) turned in after the due date will be considered late. The highest grade a student can receive for late work is an 80, should all work be completed and correct.

Academic Honesty –Taking credit for the thoughts, ideas, or words of someone else as your own intellectual property is plagiarism, including paraphrasing or summations. Failing to do your own work is considered academically dishonest.

Grading – Grades for each nine weeks will be determined by the following percentages:

Daily Assignments – 40%

Projects & Tests– 60%


Most projects will be graded following this rubric:

Spanish Project Rubric Example



4 Point

3 Points

2 Points

1 Points



Grammar, Spelling,

& Punctuation



Excellent spelling, grammar

Pretty good spelling, grammar

So-so spelling, grammar

Poor spelling, grammar


_______ x 5=





Student put forth exemplary effort.  Project is very colorful and creative.



Clear evidence of effort put forth by the student.  Project is colorful and creative.



Some evidence of effort. 

Project is somewhat colorful and creative.


No evidence of effort put forth by the student.  Project is not colored.




_______ x 5=



100% requirements are met

75% requirements are met


requirements are met

25% requirements are met


_______ x 5=


Organization/ Overall Appearance


Project is very neat and easily understood.


Project is neat and understood.


Project is somewhat understood.


Project is not easily understood.



_______ x 5=





Turned in on time

1 day late

2 days late

3+ days late




_______ x 5=



Remember that grades are a direct result of preparation. Prepare and you will do very well.