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Mr.  Wayne  Slaughter
Pre-AP/AP World History, AP US History & AP European HistoryTeacher
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Class Information 

The following information is applicable to all of the classes I teach.  I provide each student the specific class syllabus as well as a nine week class schedule for Pre-AP/AP World History, AP US History and AP European History.  Each schedule lists what will be done each day in class, homework reading assignments, Chapter Tests and Super Tests (three week test). There is a summer reading assignment only for AP US History. It is the first chapter of the US History text book. This chapter covers the discovery of the Americas and initial colonization of this area by the Spanish, French and British. It is information that every student should have covered in World History class. A copy of the reading assignment can be obtained from the counselor's office or contact me and I will have a copy left at the school office for pick up.  There is a test the second day of class over this material   Any questions should be addressed via my school email: